Mayor of Bogota uses mimes for public behavior control

This is brilliant. A March article from the March 2004 Harvard University Gazette has a great profile of mayor of Bogota, Colombia. He's a former academic and has been using mimes to encourage people not to jaywalk or behave irresponsibly in public.
 Gazette 2004 03.11 Photos 1-Mockus1-450 Another innovative idea was to use mimes to improve both traffic and citizens' behavior. Initially 20 professional mimes shadowed pedestrians who didn't follow crossing rules: A pedestrian running across the road would be tracked by a mime who mocked his every move. Mimes also poked fun at reckless drivers. The program was so popular that another 400 people were trained as mimes.

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UPDATE: Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña sez: "Antanas Mockus was Bogota's mayor for the 2001-2003 period. Luis Eduardo Garzón is in his place now. So, this news originally took place during 2003."