Relocation of Futuro-House

Moritz sez: "One of the Futuro Houses reported on earlier on Boing Boing (December 22, 2003) has been relocated in a spectacular staging – Futuro-House-owner Milford Wayne Donaldson had his home transported by truck into the mountains close to San Diego and then hoisted into its photogenic place by a giant crane. To make the last part look more like the landing of a UFO, he used a giant torch to illuminate his house while being lifted into place." Link to German language site.

UPDATE: Here's the story in English. Link (Thanks, Ben!)

UPDATE: jay savage sez: "I saw your post today on the futro house, and the link to the earlier
article on the house. While the statements from that "Finnish
architect Matti Suuronen designed this UFO shaped dwelling in 1968"
and "The idea behind the design reflects the optimism of the sixties.
At the time people believed technology could solve all problems for
the human race," may be true, your readers might be interested to know
that Suuronen seems to have lifted both the design concept and the
idealized vision of technology from R. Buckminster Fuller. Bucky
designed the Dymaxion House ( in the
late 20's and built the first prototypes in 1945."