Why is Google News carrying Power Line and not Daily Kos?

The excellent left-wing blogger Kos was dropped from Google News's list of sources last month, on the grounds that Goole seeks out non-partisan news sources. However, Google News is including sites that are just as partisan, but for the other side, like Power Line. A Kos reader is calling for a write-in campaign to Google News to address this.

A few months ago I posted a diary about Kos being dropped as a source from Google News, and the joy this brought to the right-wingers who claimed responsibility (having written Google to complain about its inclusion).

Well, imagine my surprise today when I discovered that Google News has added Power Line as a source.

In the spirit of "what's good for the goose is good for the gander", I propose that we all contact news-feedback@google.com and complain about Power Line being mixed in with legitimate sources.


(Thanks, Patrick!)

Update: Jake explains:

Kos has commented in the ensuing thread that they dropped it because he asked them to drop it, and he asked them to drop it because Google was picking up random entries that weren't

"it was pulling up random diaries and pasting them on the google news homepage, with the implication that it was 'sanctioned' content.

Given what's sometimes written in the diaries, I was uncomfortable with that. I don't mind taking heat for things I write, but for things that other people write? I didn't want to deal with that.