Cremated remains of 5,000 mental patients discovered in old Oregon sanatorium

Cicolini sez, "Someone was cleaning out an old insane asylum and found the cremated remains of over 5000 people tucked away in a closet. Here are some former patients of the hospital who are trying to tidy up this huge PR mess."

Over the next few months we will hold listening sessions with former and current patients of the hospital, their chosen friends and family members, caregivers and neighbors, to begin to design and site the memorial. The dates and locations of these sessions will be posted on this web site–you can attend and make your voice heard. You're also welcome to write to us via mail or email.

Either way, you will be heard.

We are working to find a ceremony to bring peace and sanctuary to the cremated remains. The ceremony will help us remember the distance we have come in providing care for people with mental illness and addiction in Oregon.


(Thanks, Cicolini!)