Diary of a testosterone experiment

My friend Heathen is experimenting with taking testosterone shots to see what happens to her. She's livejournalling the output — which is fascinating, funny, and slightly disturbing.

1. all my muscles ache, as if i have been working out. i have not been working out.

2. so hungry, all the time. yesterday i ate four full meals and still found myself in the kitchen at 4am stuffing dry cheerios into my mouth-hole. i thought that maybe this would cause me to chunk up a bit, but was surprised while checking myself out in the mirror that i can see *all* of my ribs and the outline of my pelvis in places. something needs to be done about this.

3. had a fit of anger in my closet this morning that nearly took out my clothes rack. i couldn't find anything to wear.

4. grumpy as fuck.

5. interesting data point: my hand therapist recorded that i have gained ten pounds of griping strength in my left (good) hand in the last week. i did not tell her why i thought this was so.

6. actually watched basketball last night for the first time in my life. how is it that i've never noticed what a dramatic, amazing, balletic sport this is?

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