Danes save Europe from software patents?

Seb sez, "The on-again-off-again software patent directive looks like it won't pass on Monday without discussion — and this time we'll have Denmark to thank."

As an A-item, the directive had once again been expected to be approved without debate, but it emerged late on Friday that Denmark will attempt to have the directive listed as a B-item at a later meeting instead. This means the text of the directive could be renegotiated, according to Florian Mueller, an anti-patent campaigner.

"If it works out like that this will be EU history. It is without precedent that anybody can specify that the EU council at the stage is unable to ratify a decision. But we have to understand that nothing is ever stable. We have to see what happens on Monday," said Mueller.

Denmark's representative at the meeting of ministers is compelled to ask for the change because of a vote by the Danish Parliament's EU committee that came out in favour of seeking to reopen discussions. Denmark's government is legally bound to adopt any parliamentary decisions regarding the EU.

Remember that Bill Gates told the Danish government that if they didn't back software patents he'd fire all the empolyees of a Danish Microsoft subsidiary. Looks like the Danes don't like being bullied. What great Danes!


(Thanks, Seb!)