Book of early ads for television sets

Radio News 1924
Window to the Future: The Golden Age of Television Marketing and Advertising (Chronicle, 2005) is a book with over 150 magazine advertisements from the 1920s to the 1960s. Besides being full of great old design examples, it's also interesting to see how certain ideas about the future never go away. Look at this cover from a 1924 issue of Radio News magazine with an illustration of a telemedicine session (click thumbnail for enlargement). The doctor is looking at the kid using a webcam, plus he's checking his pulse and temperature. Looks like the machine is printing out a prescription for the ailing youngster, as well. Dig the old-fashion rotary telephone interface.

UPDATE: Mike Ward says: "I checked our somewhat better copy of that cover you thumbnailed and think that that dial-phone looking thing is an old-fashioned microphone. In any case it has eight holes, not enough for a dial phone."