Toy mask makes your voice sound like Darth Vader

Hasbro is selling a new Darth Vader Mask and Chestplate toy for kids that changes the wearer's voice. "Features real electronic breathing sounds and phrases from the movie!"
Link (Thanks, Nicholas)

Boing Boing reader Justin A. Neitzey adds,

Just thought you should be warned that the Vader helmet's packaging states that "This is not a protective helmet." I LOL'ed when I saw that at Wal-Mart.

Kristian Cee asks, "What i really want to know is: what would it sound like if james earl jones wore it?"

BB reader ars says:

There is another! Batteries not included! Get yourself one of those big glass jars of pickles. Eat the pickles (or feed them to the pigs). Put the jar over your mouth and growl: "Luke! I am your father!" You're welcome!