13 CDs' worth of Disneyland audio rarities

In honor of Disneyland's impending 50th Birthday, these Disney trufen have put together a spectacular set of 13 "virtual CDs" of Disney audio rarities as downloadable MP3s (unfortunately, these aren't directly linked, but rather pop up in annoying Javascript windoids) with swell cover-art.

Disneyland : The First 50 Years ... A Retrospective (Disc 4)
New Orleans Square Area Sounds 1:24
Pirates Arcade Area Sounds 2:07
Pirates Of The Caribbean 15:37
Blue Bayou Restaurant 0:50
Le Bat en Rouge - Caged Old Hag (Coin Op) (Queen ... Snow White) 1:22
The Haunted Mansion 23:56
Haunted Mansion Holiday 16:41
Royal Street 5:20


(via The Disney Blog)

Update: CharlesV sez, "Using some simple find and replace, I reformatted the Disney audio rarities page so that the mp3s are all nice, clean direct links, ripe for scraping with your favorite mass downloader and converting into a fun little torrent if you wish."