More excellent voicemail: crop circle psycho science

Boing Boing reader Todd says, "Here's a phone message I came across on the fantastic site yesterday and it nearly brought me to tears. Excerpt from their site:"

" You might have seen the recent Discovery Channel documentary "Crop Circles: Mystery in the Fields" where they asked several MIT students to try and create some of the biological effects alleged by 'researchers' to be found in 'genuine' formations, such as blown nodes, and magnetized iron spheres. Anyway the production company have passed on this message that they received on their answer-phone after the show aired in the US, it makes for hilarious is somewhat worrying listening. If you know who this psychotic individual is, or maybe you ARE the psychotic individual who placed the call, let us know and we'll send you a complimentary circlemakers t-shirt!"

It's a few years old (from July 2003), but withstands the test of blog-time. Link to MP3.

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Update: Boing Boing reader limor says:

that "fucking 18-year old wannabe MIT scientist" is a friend of mine! as far as anyone involved in the show can tell, was just an excuse for the producer to get a bunch of MIT kids to come to a cornfield in iowa and set off explosions and build flamethrowers & then film it. hooray for science!