Baby, you are, like, so kawaii

Anime-inspired cosmetics for creating a "supercute" look. If there was ever a good reason for a reality makeover show, this is it. I'm imagining four gender-ambiguous cosplay co-hosts ambushing an unsuspecting woman on the street — "Congratulations! You're getting a Sailor Moon makeover!" I'd totally volunteer for that shit — always wondered what it would be like to wander around with giant black inkblobs where my irises used to be. Snipped from Style:

Japanese brands like Shu Uemura, plus such trendy Americans as Stila and Goldie, are jumping aboard the sweet-seeking trend to produce Sailor Moon-ish products and accoutrements–from cleansers in adorable packaging to cosmetics with cartoon-inspired pigments to ice-cream-flavor lip gloss. With black contact lenses, now turning Tokyo teens into walking manga characters, poised to hit the States, artists, manufacturers, and style makers show no signs of coming down from their collective sugar high.

Link (Thanks, Susannah).

Reader comment: Ian Irving adds,

To aid you in your anime dreams, the current (May) issue of Wired Magazine has a brief piece on new contact lenses to give you that gigantic monochromatic pupil look — under the PLAY| japanese schoolgirl watch section, of course. Link