Hillary "RIAA" Rosen: iPod DRM is cruel and unfriendly!

Ernest Miller sez, "Hilary Rosen, yes that Hilary Rosen, former head of the RIAA, is complaining about the DRM policy on her iPod. She is upset because she is unable to buy Windows DRM'd music and play it on her iPod. She calls this 'cruel,' 'anti-consumer' and 'user unfriendly.' Ha ha ha ha ha."

The problem is that the iPod only works with either songs that you buy from the on-line Apple iTunes store or songs that you rip from your own CD's. But those other music sites have lots of music that you can't get at the iTunes store. So, if you have an iPod, you are out of luck. If you are really a geek, you can figure out how to strip the songs you might have bought from another on-line store of all identifying information so that they will go into the iPod. But then you have also degraded the sound quality. How cruel.


(Thanks, Ernest!)

Update: Ed Gore sez, "The thing I found the most interesting about Ms. Rosen's comments is that the downside of stripping off the DRM is reduced sound quality, as opposed to huge fines/prison time based on laws that she supported vigorously just a little while ago. Does she have a special DMCA waiver included as part of her retirement package?"