Bob Baker Marionettes

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Kim Cooper says: "Bob Baker's Marionette theater in downtown LA has a fantastic new Mexican-themed show called 'Allegre!' that the Bubblegum Queen and I caught this morning, along with a busload of Head Start kiddies from Pomona. 'Allegre!' is a little mature for this audience, but they seemed to dig it.

"The show's centerpiece is a black light extravaganza featuring an all-skeleton cast grooving to 'Hernando's Hideaway.' There are painted ladies, a terrifying bony clown who juggles a skull, monsters playing vibes on a dinosaur's ribs and, unbelievably, a pair of fleshless burlesque beauties with tassles where their tatas should be. One does a classic Sally Rand fan dance!

"'Allegre!' is $10, plus you get free ice cream in the party room after the show. Highly recommended.

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