Finkbuilt fine art giveaway comes to a close

Last month, I mentioned that Steve Lodefink was giving away a wonderful painting by Steve Keene. He said he would award to painting to the person who appeared to want it the most. People went to great lengths to try to convince Steve that they deserved the painting.

 Static Images Articles KeenemedLou – cuddled a warm bottle of pee in his cold aluminum foil clad truck canopy home.

chris bellerose – couldn't wait for the contest to end, so he painted his own version.

matt – and I played a show together the week I got the painting.

KaiBeezy – wrote some really nice stuff.

Heidi – had "huge tits" (self described).

Mark Breakspear – denounced his candidacy.

In the end Tom Raywood used a combination of sheer tenacity, poetry, painting analysis and a strict interpretation of the contest mandate to convince me that he wanted it the most. Due to overwhelming response, I have decided to end the contest at the "end of the month" rather than "after one month's time"