In medical marijuana case, Supreme Court says everything is interstate commerce

On politech, Declan McCullagh writes:

Today's decision in Gonzales v. Raich hints at how the Supreme Court would rule on other cases dealing with federalism. It also shows the lack of respect that six of the current Supreme Court justices have for the plain text of the Constitution: Link

Perhaps liberals will overcome their conventional distaste for Justice Thomas and read his critique of how the majority got it wrong: Link

Background: Link.

Below is GMU law professor David Bernstein's take, excerpted. It's worth reading. He's being diplomatic: another way to say it is that we live during a time of rule by men and women on the bench and in Congress, each governed by personal whims and predilections and fears. The rule of law, with a federal government properly limited by constitutional dictates, no longer exists.

Link to full text of Bernstein's analysis on