Modern Arf: new journal about comics

(I have this new journal and it is excellent — Mark) craig yoe says:  Images P 1560976292.01. Sclzzzzzzz

"This is a site for a new series of books 'Exploring the Unholy Marriage of Art and Comics'.

The first volume Modern Arf includes among many others R. Crumb, Salvador Dali, Patrick McDonnell, Basil Wolverton, The Clayton Brothers, Rick Griffin, Gary Baseman, Jack Kirby and Pablo Picasso.

"You'll find a chapter on the proto-Alfred E. Neuman of the early 1900s with tons of wild examples. And look for the first installment of 'Cartoonists Go To Hell,' this one featuring Jimmy Hatlo's 1950's Sunday comic page bizzaro-ness 'Hatlo's Inferno.'

"The book is hitting the stores as we blog.

"The editor, Craig Yoe, is formerly the creative director of The Muppets working closely with Jim Henson. Yoe has won The Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators and has collaborated with Peter Max, John Updike, Reverand Howard Finster, Charles Schulz, Demi Moore, Todd Oldham, William Wegman, etc. Craig runs YOE! Studio from a mountain-top castle overlooking the Hudsom River and YOE's clients include AOL, MTV, Nickelodeon, Ringling Bros., Disney, Mad magazine, Microsoft and Zamboni. Yoe has 6 patents in his name for toy invention. Craig speaks around the world on creativity from Singapore to San Francisco."