Pinouts for CVS's "disposable" camcorder

CVS Pharmacies sell a one-time-use camcorder that you have to bring to their shop once you're ready to get your videos, which are delivered on DVD. Enterprising hackers are racing to reverse-engineer the camcorder so that they can extract their own video and make multiple uses of the camera without paying repeatedly. A hacker has posted the pinouts for the camera on a Linux site, so victory is surely in hand:

Here is the pinout for the CVS one time use camcorder. Pin 1 starts at the end where J5 is printed on the PCB.

1 no connection
2 ground
3 no connection
4 Battery + (probably used to verify the battery level when recycling)
5 no connection
6 USB +5V
7 ground
8 USB Data +
9 USB Data –
10 ground

Pins 6 – 9 is the only pins needed to connect to a USB port.


(via Make)