Loren Coleman vs. Naked Zorro

BB pal Loren Coleman, author of The Copycat Effect, questions whether Naked Zorro, the nude masked man terrorizing Pennsylvania, may actually be multiple exhibitionists exhibiting contagious behavior.

 Produktkatalog Produktgrafiken Zorro-Maske
These are the days that shall be remembered of a mass media, which has dwelled to extreme on the darkly-clad, sometimes masked Michael Jackson's sexual molestation trial and not-guilty verdict. Our society seems pulled in two directions, whether to fear the sinister side of Jackson or to laugh at the comedy of the events. Perhaps not surprisingly, in one location, in Pennsylvania, reports of a nude man dressed in a black mask, stalking women and children, and performing lewd acts, have circulated under the label "Naked Zorro." The general public are confused by the media: Should we find these incidents funny or fearful?