Brass-knuckle purse said to land wearer in airport security hell

Following up on a previous Boing Boing post about purses shaped like brass knuckles, an anonymous reader says:

I bought the brass knuckle handbag you cats mentioned on BB a while ago for my girlfriend… she just got arrested at Miami International Airport for having the brass knuckle handbag in her luggage…they considered it a "concealed weapon". After holding her for a few hours and some serious questioning (during which she was terrified), they took the bag BUT let her on the plane. She has to return in August for a Court date, the charges are unclear so far, but serious enough that she needs a lawyer.

I guess the Department of Homeland Security has a fashion police division now…we wouldn't want fundamentalist fashionistas boarding planes with clothes of questionable taste.

Perhaps she would have gotten different treatment if they didn't know that she had just attended one of her (Muslim) friend's wedding…or perhaps the handbag really is dangerous. Land of the free indeed.