Buy recycled Harry Potter in Canada

Kate Wing, an analyst with the Natural Resources Defense Council, just informed me that JK Rowling's Canadian publisher, Raincoast Books, printed their edition of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper. (Link to a 2003 post about Raincoast Books' eco-consciousness.) From National Geographic:

Consequently, the Vancouver-based (Raincoast Books) may save nearly 30,000 trees, according a study by Markets Initiative, a coalition of environmental groups, including Greenpeace Canada and the Sierra Club.

Raincoast isn't the only publisher seeking to put a green tint on the wildly popular Potter books. Publishers from Germany, Italy, Britain, and Israel also comitted to printing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on large percentages of recycled paper and/or "ancient forest friendly" paper.

Link to National Geographic, Link to buy the book from

Of course, you could also download it as a "pirated" ebook, as Cory pointed out yesterday.