Styrofoam Hummer

When Todd Lappin submitted the link yesterday to San Francisco dump's artists-in-residence, he included this photo of "Styrofoam Hummer" by Andrew Junge, the current artist-in-residence at SF Recycling & Disposal Inc. (Photo by Christina Koci Hernandez/SF Chronicle.) For those BB readers in the SF Bay Area, Junge's work is on display this weekend at the dump. From his artist's statement:

 C Pictures 2005 07 22 Ba Dumpart028 CkhObjects have power, they are invested with meaning and purpose by their makers. They carry with them stories of past use, past users, and often a history we, as their temporary custodians, can only guess at. This point becomes ever more poignant in the face of our capitalist/consumerist culture. We throw so much stuff away. Cool stuff….

I wish to examine and re-contextualize found objects and materials, to invest them with new life, and to sanctify – or at least acknowledge their presence in the world. Or perhaps, more accurately, to acknowledge my presence as these materials' temporary curator, archivist and re-purposer. My aim is to turn the lowest form of human productivity, trash, into the highest, art – a kind of modern alchemy.

Link to SF Chronicle article, Link to Junge's artist-in-residence page (Thanks to everyone who submitted this.)