Japanese condom packaging art

Cute monkeys, turtles, and walrii abound in this odd gallery of label graphics from condom packages in Japan. I'm not sure what Kit Sack: Two Pieces really means, but it looks happy enough. Link, via this Fleshbot post with related urls.

Reader comment: The mystery of Kit Sack has been solved. Jeff Youngstrom says,

As I'm sure a million BoingBoing readers are about to tell you, "Kit Sack" is a pun on the Kit Kat chocolate cookie candy — Link (there's a gallery of the candy wrappers at the bottom of the page). Incidentally, Kit Kats are made by Hershey in the US and Nestle everywhere else. The Nestle version is way better. Fortunately I live close to Canada.

Boing Boing reader Ben adds,

The Kit Kat marketing tagline could even work for Kit Sack: "…a simple treat that complements your lighthearted, positive approach to life."