The art of WSJ illustrator Noli Novak

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Noli Novak's instantly recognizable stipple portraits go a long way in giving The Wall Street Journal its distinctive look. Novak's also a clever collage artist, using torn out pieces of magazines to create watercolor like works of art.
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Update: Novak is one of several artists who create the stipple art portraits for WSJ. Others include: Thaddeus Chambers, Nancy Januzzi, Hai Knafo, and Rachel Pak. There may be others, as well.

Update: Nolui Novak says:
Thank you very much for mentioning my work in your blog.

However, I would also appreciate if you could make some corrections.

I'm not sure how you got an impression that I'm the only person doing the hedcuts at the Journal. It would be pretty impossible for one person to cover such a large volume of art needed on daily basis (it takes on average around 5 hours to do one hedcut).

Full time illustrators are Hai Knafo, Nancy Januzzi, Laura Levy and me. We also use a number of freelance illustrators (4 to be exact) trained in this technique when needed.

Thaddeus and Rachel are both Journal employees, but don't have anything to do with our department.