Dennis the Menace returns from Fantagraphics

In April, Mark posted about how Fantagraphics is reprinting the complete run of Hank Ketcham's amazing Dennis the Menace comic strips, similar to their beautifully-produced Complete Peanuts series. The first Menacing volume, "Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis The Menace 1951-1952," hits shelves next month. Yesterday, the Associated Press ran an article about the Dennis revival. From the article:

 Artist Ketcham Dennis SplashMarcus Hamilton, who took over the strip after Ketcham retired in 1994, said that the first volume of reprints may surprise longtime fans who view Dennis as a mischievous, but harmless little kid. "The strip was a little more risque when it first started," he said. For example, in one panel, Dennis tied a swan's neck in a knot.

Link (via Flog)