Bollywood film posters as t-shirts

This website offers a bunch of nifty vintage Bollywood movie posters in a variety of forms: as poster reprints, as handpainted oil paintings on canvas, and as t-shirts. Link (Thanks, DJ Carlito!)


Custom-painted Bollywood posters

Reader Comment: Abas Halai says,

Actually The Hot Spot is a Pakistani website and majority, if not all of those posters are from the Lollywood Film Industry (Lahore, Pakistan). The Hot Spot primarily started out as an ice cream shop in the capital of the country, Islamabad, the store was decorated with movie posters of classic cult b-movies from Pakistan and India. Now they review literally hundreds to thousands of alternative indy films, hollywood blockbusters to bollywood big names to lollywood flops with titles such as "Haseena Atom Bomb", "Don" and "Black Cat & Lady Boss".

More info about the store is located on the website.

They've also spawned some of the best ice cream and dessert shops all over the country which are decorated with thousands of alternative movie posters from all over the world.

Reader Comment: Divya says,

I am a 70s bollywood fan and as far as the site pages go, all posters are from Bollywood films (Inspector Vinod is a very hindu name which will never be used to describe a hero in a Pakistani film!). But of course, they do not seem to be authentic posters as far as the artwork goes. Most of them may have been painted in Pakistan for all you care, but the posters are of Bollywood movies (Have seen 30% of them I think!).