Los Angeles maps of fallen fruit ripe for the taking

Picture 1-36Fallen Fruit is a website run by people who encourage you to grow fruit on the perimeter of your property and allow others to harvest it. They also have maps of Los Angeles neighborhoods that are bearing lots of free fruit.

Sarah Rich writes in the Oct/Nov issue of ReadyMade: "CalArts professors Dave Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young are accidental farmers. After discovering an arcane Los Angeles city law that makes any fruit overhanging on sidewalks public property, the trio founded Fallen Fruit, a mapping project that promotes access to the city's free and forgotten oranges, bananas, and apricots."

Where I live, there are plenty of grapefruits, figs, persimmons, and guavas. I also have some olive trees, but I bit into an olive and it burned like acid.