A Unicorn's Tears

Did someone say unicorn chaser? Cory's last entry about the Peter S. Beagle novel really bummed me out. If you feel sad, too, after you support the author whose work was so shamelessly ripped off, check out this totally unrelated website:

I have always believed that unicorns existed, and that they are out there watching us, waiting for the day when we will be ready for them. Maybe when we stop hurting eachother, when we start treating each other with kindness. That's what the unicorn is all about, love, kindness, and peace. Maybe, just maybe someday, they will return to us, and bestow their gift of beauty upon us.

Link to "A Unicorn's Tears."

But first, all jokes aside, write a letter or donate some cash to support Mr. Beagle here. His prose is much better.


And now, we pause for a unicorn moment

Timeshifted unicorn chaser