40-min MP3 of the history of bastard pop, remix and mashup

This is a 40-minute MP3 of a British radio broadcast called "DJ Food – Raiding the 20th Century" that attempted to sum up the entire cut-up/remix/mash up music movement. It's lots of crazy, whacky, jarring, harmonious, tricksy, and serendipitous sound, and it made me laugh and think. The landing page for the MP3 has an exhaustive list of the samples employed.

Pt 1 – Time Machine

20th Century Fox theme intro
Negativland – Downloading  (Seeland)
MCSleazy / Franzie Boys – Triple Take (Half Inch Recordings 12")
DJ BC – Surebladi (mp3)
Danger Mouse –  Encore (CD)
Wayne Butane – Elderly (Sucks Bigtime)
Big City Orchestra – Bulldog (The Beatlerape)
Jay-Z – Encore (accapella) (Roc A Fella)
The Beatles – Glass Onion (2 versions) (Apple LP)
Avril Plays The Beatles (mp3)
Loo and Placido – Safari Love (mp3)
Jrb – Busta vs Steptoe & Son (mp3)
Loo & Placido –  Kids Will Rock You (mp3)
Braces Tower – Special Child (mp3)
Exactshit – Crazy (CDR)
Cropstar – Crazy Prado (mp3)
Tacteel vs Britney – Overprotected (CD-R)
Will Smith vs Mr Trick – Nod Ya Head (Boot Camp 7")
Osymyso – Intro inspection (Radar 12")
fLeXuS – It Ain't Nothin' (CD-R)
unknown – Spandau Fillet (mp3)
Go Home Productions – Turn Out The Light Slave And Give Me Some Rhythm
Go Home Productions – Work It Out With A Foxy Lady (mp3)
Beyonce – Crazy In Love (poj mix) (mp3)
Skkatter – Diddy (mp3)
Wobbly – Yo Yo Yo Yoyo, Hey… (Wild Why)
Frenchbloke & Son – Sound of da S Club (CD-R)
Lemon Jelly – Soft Rock (LJ 7")
dsico – Bille Jean Dancehall Edit (mp3)
People Like Us – Nobody Does (ubuweb mp3)
2 Many Djs – Smells Like Booty (mp3)
fLeXuS – White Love (CD – R)
Evil Twin – The Lady & The Lake (CD-R)
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love U (Ochre remix) (mp3)
Osymyso – Intro Expansion Pt 2 (mp3)
Go Home Productions. – Ray Of Gob (Half Inch Recordings 12")
Madonna – WTF? (mp3)
Player – Angel of Theft (Blood 12")
Osymyso – Wegoddim (mp3)
Flashbulb – Mama Said Knock You Out (mp3)


(Thanks, Ben!)

Update: Here's the official Raiding the 20th Century page, but they've taken the MP3 down.

Update 2:
Here's a torrent (Thanks, David!)