More Armageddalicious kitsch art: Dallas Rapture

Boing Boing reader Mike Ransom says,

My dad became a frequenter of thrift stores after retirement. During my weekly visits, I was accustomed to discovering a new atrocity, destined for speedy banishment by my mom.

One time my dad said, "I've got a painting to show you." I braced for some typical piece of kitsch, like the outhouse sketch he managed to keep in the front room for a couple of weeks before it was forcibly retired to his office.

It seems my mental preparation wasn't adequate. The large, framed print he trotted out crashed through the floor of my expectations in its grandiosity. I started to chuckle, then laugh, then helplessly slid off the couch and convulsed on the floor for awhile.It would have been a surreal scene from an outsider's perspective; my parents didn't react that much to my fit, though I think my brother was amused at my reaction.

This masterpiece depicts the rapture occurring from a perspective just outside Dallas. Some of the fascinating details:
an airliner crashes into a building (ghosts of the passengers wafting heavenward), a pile-up on the freeway (ghosts again liberated), a graveyard releases another wave, etc. Don't miss the glowing linebacker Jesus placed dead center in the picture.

Link to full-size image.

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