Board-game based on C/C++/Java

When I was a boy, my dad brought home games and books that introduced young people to soon-to-be-obsolete programming environments like assembler and Lisp. Clearly this needs updating, and C-Jump is just the game to do it: a game that lets young people and their parents engage in friendly competition to grounded in C, C++ and Java code. Seriously, this looks like awesome, geeky fun.

The child calculates number of steps in the move, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of small numbers. The game helps to develop understanding of a complete computer program, formed by logical sequences of commands.


(via Wonderland)

Update: Jim sez, "there is this interesting thread over at Boardgame Geek discussing the quality of the game (low) and being angered by the fact that the game maker applied for a patent for the game mechanics (not just copyright as most other games are protected)."