Kabbalah of Nanotechnology

Last year, Howard Lovy wrote an excellent essay in Salon about how nanotechnology and Kabbalah are both "testament to the incomprehensible infinite." (Previous post here.) Now, Philip "Madge's Rabbi" Berg has published an entire book on the meme, Kabbalistic Nanotechnology. From the book description on Amazon:

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Two emerging technologies promise to transform the world in ways that will make the breakthroughs of the 20th century seem pedestrian. One has existed for less than 50 years and is called nanotechnology. The other has existed for 4,000 years and is called Kabbalah. On the surface, they seem to be divergent, even contradictory technologies. But in fact, they are complementary in the most profound ways possible. One promises to deliver a practical technology and a transformed world in the distant future. The other promises practical tools and remarkable changes now. In this book, Kabbalist Rav Berg isolates the common points of science and spirit to reveal the elusive path toward achieving humanity's noblest and most challenging aspiration – the manipulation of the physical world. The potential uses are staggering: pollution reversal, elimination of disease and genetic defects, eradication of poverty, microscopic computers faster than today's best supercomputers, and the indefinite extension of the human lifespan.