Loren Coleman profile

My pal Loren Coleman, noted cryptozoologist and Fortean, is profiled in the Southern Illinoisan. The article recounts how at 12-years-old Loren embarked on his wonderfully strange cryptozoological quest into the myth and reality of hidden animals. From the article:

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While Coleman said he does not have a reason to believe in all of the creatures about which he compiles evidence, he does expect Bigfoot to be confirmed as reality.

"I think it's pretty credible. I've talked to police officers in Alabama who found prints that matched those found by conservationists in Florida and game wardens in Illinois," he said of a type of footprint that indicates a large side-attached big toe. "Most people who put fake Bigfoot prints make it look like a giant human foot. All these people finding the same large footprint tells me there's something going on there that's beyond fakery."

For those skeptical of cryptozoology, Coleman points to the many animal discoveries once rumored to be myth. Among these are mountain gorillas, the megamouth shark, the coelacanth (a six-foot-long, walking fish), and most recently, the ivory-billed woodpecker.

"In Brazil, they've found a new monkey every year during the last decade," Coleman said.