Adorable symbol on glow-in-dark car trunk release tab

200511031657It's happened to all of us more times than we care to admit — getting locked in the trunk of a car. Sure it's embarrassing, but until now, there hasn't been an easy way to solve the problem, except by screaming and kicking the sides in the hope that someone will hear you and let you out before the air becomes poisonous.

In recent years car manufacturers have provided trunk release tabs so we can let ourselves out, but there were two problems with the early tabs. One, they used words to instruct those trapped inside on what to do, and two, the trunk of a car is pitch black when the door is closed. If you had a pair of night vision goggles on but happened to be illiterate, the tab would be of no help. If you could read, but weren't wearing night vision goggles, you were still out of luck. Only those who could both read and happened to be wearing a pair of night vision goggles at the time they fell into the trunk could be expected to free themselves.

The new Ford Focus has solved both of these problems with an ingenious pull tab that glows in the dark and has an easy-to-comprehend symbol. This is progress at its best.