To do in SF: Combots robot war extravaganza

Grease yourself up, kids, it's mecha-lucha time. Combots organizer David Calkins says,

The best flame-throwing, high-energy, steel-crunching robots in the world come to SF for the championship after touring the US racking up enough points to compete for the $10,000 grand prize. The event is being organized by ComBots, the co-organizer of International ROBOlympics and RoboGames.

The machines are fully capable of surviving being run over by a tank – or taking one out! Filled with high-tech custom electronics controlling state-of-the art pneumatics, motors, and engines, the bots demonstrate their sportsmanship through shredding metal!

Biohazard, Sewer Snake, Megabyte, and other famous bots weighing up to 340 pounds will spew fire, flip their opponents, and spin hundred-pound weapons faster than Bruce Lee on meth. ESPN SportsCenter named our March 2005 event one of the top ten list of things to do for that weekend.

Sideshow entertainment includes the Beer-Can Can-can girls, Flash the Bartender and his flame-throwing 240cc drink blender, and music from Bay-Area bands.

Link to info, Link to full-size image of the cool robo-trophy. (Thanks, Mike)