Amateur band performs Super Mario theme on marimba

Monterrey sez, "In what seems to be a college/high school show, three guys (Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach) play various famous Mario Bro's tunes with a marimba. Geeky fun!" This is hilarious — the band really gets into it, horsing around, doing all kinds of great physical comedy to the obvious delight of the audience.


(Thanks, Monterrey!)

Update: Lane sez, "I was at this performance at Francis Howell High School's talent show in 2005. The guys are Brian (Mario), Jeff (Luigi), Liz (Peach) and Adam on drums. The first three practiced this piece all through marching band season – really worked the crowds and other bands in the parking lots!"

Update 2: Mlahumlaha sez, "After seeing the Marimba Mario Medley, I thought it was about time someone made a collection of the best of the bunch. Mario Theme on the:
Chapman Stick

it's in this A
honorable mention for trying it on Two
Trumpets marching euphoniums

and of course by the London
Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra


Update 3: Kevin sez, "The two marching baritone players are members of the Cadets drum and bugle corps, 2005 Drum Corps International world champions.  Their little duet was filmed during a break in rehearsal back in June. You can see their full show here.