Irene McGee's radio show


Many of you may remember Irene McGee from the Real World Seattle. Physically sick with Lyme Disease and feeling misunderstood and misrepresented, she left the show (but not before getting smacked by one of her male roommates.) Appropriately, Irene is now a student of media literacy. Along with lecturing on the subject, she's learning the tools of personalized media like blogging and podcasting. Good for her! Irene is also hosting a radio show on KSFS called NoOne's Listening that's also archived online. BB pals V. Vale of RE/Search and Lawrence Lessig were guests on recent shows and Noam Chomsky will be on soon. Last week, I met Irene at a conference and she interviewed me a bit about the history of Boing Boing. (Webzine co-founder Eddie Codel videotaped the conversation and says it will eventually be shown as part of Geek Entertainment TV, his "emerging global media empire.")
Link to NoOne's Listening