Sea of Red: Vampire pirate comic collection that kicks ass

Sea of Red is a ferocious and wonderful new comic book that's just published its first bound collection, called "No Grave But the Sea." It's a swashbuckling pirate vampire story that opens with our hero, a Spanish sailor who was bitten by a vampire and then lashed to a ship and sunk to the ocean's bottom, where, being an immortal, he lived for the next 500 years, snapping at passing blind fish and drinking their blood.

He's discovered by an American film crew piloting a mini-sub and brought on board -- where he is made the subject of a documentary about his hunt for the vampires who destroyed his life.

The book is by turns funny and savage. Kieron Dwyer's layouts and Salgood Sam's artwork are brilliant and grisly, Rick Remender's writing is punchy and tight. It's great to get in on the ground floor of a new narrative series, especially one as promising and swashbuckling as this.
(Thanks, Matt!)