Find out why Yukon Cornelius licks his axe!

Rich B. says: "[Here's] a short article about the restoration efforts to the Rankin/Bass Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer special. The special aired last night, and I always find a way to see it. This article refers to the restorations made in 1998, which were significant, and not this year's digital remastering. However, it's still a fascinating read. Of note is the fact that the original special included a scene late in the special when Yukon Cornelius discovers a peppermint mine! Explains why he licks his axe after removing it from the ground so many times. Alas, that scene is still absent from broadcast airings. Also, the trip by Santa to the Island of Misfit Toys was added after letter writers demanded to see Santa make good on his promise to Rudolph."