VW files complaint against makers of "suicide bomber" ad

Volkswagen has filed criminal charges against the makers of a viral video which has been circulating online in recent weeks. In the ad, a hapless suicide car-bomber blows himself up — but leaves his VW Polo intact. Britain's Media Guardian magazine reported the 20-second spot was produced by a London-based advertising duo known as Lee […]

Cory's PopSci column on smartphones

My new column in Popular Science magazine is out, about how smart cellphones are a tool to liberate users from the grips of the telcos. I love the Internet because I can plug anything I want into it. No ISP tells me what computer I can use or what software it can run. Contrast that […]

Before and after glacier photos

A series of "before and after" methamphetamine addict photos are making the rounds on various blogs. But this "before and after" series is disturbing in a different sense. Photos of glaciers that shrink over time show clear evidence of global warming. Link (thanks, xtop) Update: Boing Boing reader Arlo Midgett says: IANAG(laciologist), but I think […]

HOWTO become an Army cryptanalyst at home

Here's a digital version of the U.S. Army Field Manual on Basic Cryptanalysis (FM 34-40-2). This field manual is intended as a training text in basic cryptanalytics and as a reference for cryptanalysts in military occupational specialty (MOS) 98C and related MOSs. The proponent of this publication is Headquarters, United States Army Training and Doctrine […]

Back that Azz Up, Counselor

ABA Journal writer Sean Carter imagines what it would have been like in the courtroom if oral arguments in Positive Black Talk Inc. v. Cash Money Records — a copyright case over the song Back That Azz Up — had gone like differently. Link. Previously: Rapper Free to Back That Ass up

Quicken disables the software you paid for to force paid upgrades

Norvy sez, "I bought Quicken 2002 when it was the current version. I received a letter in the mail this week telling me that Intuit will be disabling the online bill pay feature for my version because it's too old! I'm really dissapointed because these transactions pass through my bank, not Intuit, so they shouldn't […]

How computers change writing

Steven Johnson (author of the fantastic Mind Wide Open and other books) has written a fascinating essay about his new creative process, which involves a suite of tools that store his notes and works in unstructured databases, and tease out and suggest subtly connected ideas, so that as he writes, his computer jams with him, […]

Ed Emberly products

My seven-year-old daughter and I love sitting at the kitchen table with crayons, paper, and our stack of Ed Emberly how-to-draw books. The creatures he composes from simple shapes are so happy and delightful, and they serve as a great reminder for me to keep things as simple as possible when I do an illustration. […]

Art/tech event in LA Sunday

Another cool tech / art / culture event happening in LA this weekend — no webcast plans for this one, but I'm sure art.blogging.la will have plenty of coverage for those who can't make it IRL. During the weekend-long artLA event in Santa Monica, a panel at 10AM Sunday: "Art Criticism Today: How accessibility & […]

ETECH earlybird reg ends soon!

Monday is the last day to get your earlybird registration discount for this year's Emerging Technology conference in San Diego, March 14-17 (Boing Boing readers can quote "et05bb" when you sign up on the web-site and get a five percent discount over the already-discounted earlybird rate). Back in December, I blogged some of my top […]

13-storey building that's tagged to the roof

Found via Flickr's "graffiti" tag, this amazing picture of a 13-storey building in Melbourne that's had nearly every window tagged by some acrobat graffiti artist. Link

WinXP SP2 still vulnerable to memory attacks

A security outfit in Russia is claiming to have found a means to overflowing memory in WinXP Service Pack 2, which is meant to have fixed this. Continuing evidence that Microsoft OSes are unsafe at any speed. It was discovered by MaxPatrol team that it is possible to defeat Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP SP2 Heap protection […]

Exeem without the adware

If you want to play with eXeem, the distributed, MPAA-proofed BitTorrent aggregator, but don't want to acquire lots of adware and crapware, give Exeemlite a try. From the Infoanarchy post: Exeemlite client is out. It removes the adware, but is a version behind the latest eXeem release. The latest release is out of private beta, […]

Some have attempted to paint tooth-brushing as a victimless crime…

The Business Software Alliance has put up some materials on why software piracy is bad. The reason they cite to stop piracy is that it keeps the software industry from getting bigger. My cow-orker Seth has revised their copy with several counterexamples to show what a strange proposition this is: Original: Some have attempted to […]

HOWTO kick even more ass with an umbrella

Following up on our earlier post, here's part two of an illustrated 1901 article from Pearson's Magazine detailing techniques for kicking someone's ass with a cane, walking stick or umbrella. Link (Thanks, tylerbgood!)

Supper with the Stars

Supper with the Stars is a UK-based company that lets you book former celebrities to come to your house and have a little chat. Remember the band ABC? ("Poison Arrow," "Look of Love"). In return for a fee the trio will Martin Fry, "come to have dinner and talk through the old days." The only […]

Punk fanzine scanned: Flipside #1

In 1979 I was a freshman at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Some guys from Los Angeles lived in my dorm, and they had brought copies of a punk rock fanzine with them. It was a door to a magic world for me. Here's a scan of the first issue, courtesy of Mr. Bali […]

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