Auction of incredibly rare self-published R. Crumb comic

Heritage Galleries and Auctioneers is offering issue #1 of Robert and Charles Crumb's Arcade comic. It's a six-page mimeographed book that the brothers self-published when Robert was around 16 years-old! The current bid $325 and the auction ends at 6pm (CST) on January 20. From the auction listing:

 Blog Uploaded Images Arcade1-720119From the files of Crumb's good friend (and one-time brother-in-law) Marty Pahls, comes this extremely scarce mimeographed copy of Arcade #1… The cover is a rare editorial cartoon by Robert, depicting Jimmy Hoffa and other Teamster bosses mowing down their opposition. The interior presents a five-page adaptation of Robin Hood, starring Fritz the Cat, by Robert and Charles (note: this is a tighter version of the penciled strip featured in The Complete Crumb Volume One — it appears to be the same basic story, but redrawn with changes). The condition of the 'zine is GD/VG, with the last page detached from a single staple holding the rest together. It's very doubtful many of these survived — probably very few were produced in the first place. As a bonus, a folded 8.5" x 11" mailer from Robert to Marty from 1959, complete with a small original sketch of a Pooh-like bear cub, is included with this lot.

Link (via the Fantagraphics FLOG!)

UPDATE: Patrick Nielsen Hayden writes, "Despite what the auction description says, that object clearly isn't 'mimeographed,' but rather the product of a spirit duplicator (also known as a 'ditto machine')."