Net pug nabbed by crazy carny; DNA tests and dog dragnet ensue

If only I were talented enough to make shit like this up. Myles Weissleder of tells Boing Boing,

Bosley, a well-respected pug [Ed note: as opposed to, what, pugs of ill repute?], was abducted from a CARNIVAL by a CARNIVAL WORKER during OKTOBERFEST in La Crosse, Wisconsin and THOUSANDS of people around the nation are up in arms.

See the front page article in the La Crosse Tribune here.

The owners are doing DNA TESTING — and casting a wide net. The Pug Meetup community is rallying hard.

Link to the hard-rallying Pug Meetup Community. How they manage to type so many big words with those tiny, clumsy little paws, I'll never know.