Disney's 1946 "Story of Menstruation" short on P2P

Digital cinema expert Patrick Von Sychowski tells Boing Boing:

This short film, described as '[u]ndoubtedly the most obscure and esoteric animated film ever produced by the Disney empire", recently re-surfaced on several P2P networks. I'm sure that it won't be getting a two-disc Disney DVD Collector's Edition treatment anytime soon.

Snip from description:

Walt Disney's The Story Of Menstruation — Presenting the Story of Menstruation. A Walt Disney Production Through the Courtesy of Kotex Products — was originally delivered to the International Cellu-Cotton Company on October 18, 1946. It runs approximately ten minutes. It has been estimated that the film has been seen by approximately ninety-three million American women. Neither sexuality nor reproduction is mentioned in this influential film, and an emphasis on sanitation makes it, as Disney historian Jim Korkis has suggested: 'a hygienic crisis rather than a maturational event.'

Schoolgirls in the 1950s were shown 'educational' films, such as 'Figure Forum' and 'Facts About Your Figure' (made by the Warner Brassiere Company) and it helped create 'needs' for such things as foundation support, cosmetics, and a variety of 'sanitary' products in young girls as early as eleven years old.

IMDB Link, and here is a larger jpeg composite of 7 stills from the movie.