Did Urban Outfitters rip off a clothing designer?

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(Left: Johhny Cupcakes' jet shirt from early summer 2004. Right: Urban Outfitters' shirt from January 2006.)

Johnny Cupcakes says: "Urban Outfitters have just released a shirt with a jet dropping cupcakes (with a different color scheme) which is the exact same thing that Johnny Cupcakes released around 2 years prior. Last year Urban wanted to carry my shirts & they had a few Johnny Cupcakes shirt samples I had sent them….the Jet dropping cupcakes being one of them. I never ended up getting my samples back after we decided not to do business together." Link (thanks, Mike!)

Reader comment: Theo and Max say: "I was just reading your latest boingboing posts on thieving Urban
Outfitters and Apple, and it reminded me of this excellent site that
has side-by-side comparisons of many old ads and who has ripped them