Dance Dance Revolution at 765 schools

West Virginia public schools are the latest to bring Dance Dance Revolution into the classroom to help fight youth obesity. The schools aren't buying the arcade consoles though, but rather Xboxes, TVs, and the DDR mats. The game will be, er, rolled out in 765 of the public schools before next year. Apparently, it's the largest of the DDR at school programs yet. Konami will get $30 for each game. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Officials at Konami, who are helping shape the physical education program, said they are pleased that their games are being used to help children become more fit. They said it makes sense in this era of high-tech gadgets and media-savvy kids to use so-called exergames to inspire activity.

"Kids are high-tech now," said Clara Gilbert, director of business partnerships for Konami. "This fits into their lifestyle. It's fun and it's music they're familiar with. The important thing is they're having fun while working out."

Link (Thanks, Sean Ness!)