Photographer takes photos of real scenes that look like miniature sets

Metropolis magazine has an article about a photographer named Olivo Barbieri who takes photos of real scenes and makes them looks like miniature sets. Shown here: the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles.

Kevin Evans says: "Detailed scale models, except they're not. Strange photographs of places using a technique that makes them look like small model dioramas. Truly amazing images.

200601271529"the Las Vegas photographs in which an innate sense of unreality collides most strikingly with Barbieri's projected vision. The city's simulated monuments are made to look artificial, in total defiance of their reality. For Barbieri it is "the city as an avatar of itself."


Reader comment: Noah says: "The technique Barbieri uses to get the surreal Depth of Field in his pictures is tilt-shift photography, you can get a nice detailed explanation at the above link. For homebrew photo buffs, there's a cool tutorial on how to make your own tilt-shift lens (without dropping $1000) here."

200601271934Reader comment: Alex says: "this photography blog features some very good examples
of tilt-shift photography. its in japanese, so i can't
give you any more details. i found the quality of the
images are superior to those featured in Metropolis.
beautiful stuff."