Fedex in Afghanistan: "Frighteningly Easy!"

Boing Boing reader Ben Shapiro says,

I stopped by this morning to ship some stuff and accidently clicked to indicate that I'm from Afghanistan (it's next to the Good Ole USA option). Much to my surprise, FedEx has a pretty graphic to let me know how Frightentingly Easy it is to ship from there to just about anywhere.

Link to Fedex Afghanistan, screenshot here.

Update: Mercy! A quick series of pull-down menu tests shows it's also Frighteningly Easy to send packages from Iraq, Rwanda, Niger, Egypt, Bhutan, and other friendly places. (Thanks, Bill)

Reader comment: Courtney says,

I can confirm the ease of shipping from Afghanistan. I worked as a civilian on a Canadian military camp and we used Fedex to ship a lot of our documents back to Canada. Whenever we had something that needed to go out we'd give them a call, they'd show up at our gate and voila, the transfer was made. Almost easier than trying to use Fedex back home!