HOWTO write characters of different races, sexes, ages, etc

A book for writers tackles the tricky issue of writing characters of other racial backgrounds, sex, or sexual orientation.

Last month, I blogged about Pam Noles's wonderful essay about the difficulty of being a black sf writer in a largely white field, and about white writers' reluctance to attempt to portray people of color.

Tamu Townsend sends in information about this small-press book from two talented writers who tackle the subject head on with practical advice for writers who want to write "the other" and get it right.

Writing the Other: A Practical Approach by Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward is now available from Aqueduct Press for $9 a copy. Based on the acclaimed "Writing the Other" workshop, this book includes essays and exercises that help authors create believable characters with diverse backgrounds. Race, religion, and age are among the differences covered in the book's hands-on approach.

Nationally, the workshop has drawn praise from established professional writers such as Suzy McKee Charnas and Mary Freeman Rosenblum, as well as talented beginners such as David D. Levine. To read their comments, please visit the workshop's website.

Writing the Other [Nisi Shawl and Cynthia Ward/Aqueduct Press]

(Thanks, Tamu!)