Episode 3 of The IT Crowd is available for download

The greatest geek TV show of all time has made its third episode available for download, and the third episode is even funnier than the first two.

Yesterday I blogged about The IT Crowd, a new sitcom from Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted, about socially maladjusted sysadmins and their compulsive liar of a boss.

Britain's Channel 4, the network that produced The IT Crowd, has been posting the episodes for free download a week in advance of the airing date, which is great news. Unfortunately, C4 takes countermeasures to keep you from downloading and watching it — the shows are streamed as DRMed Windows Media Videos, and region-locking prevents you from accessing them if you're outside of the UK.

Lucky for us, DRM doesn't work! The shows have been online and available via Bittorrent download within a short while of being posted to the C4 site. I'm delighted to be able to see these shows; I can't remember when I laughed so much.

Episode three is a hoot — it's the romance episode, and like the earlier episodes, it's great farce comedy in that it lards absurdity upon absuridty, culminating in one of the great shit-on-my-forehead clown-beat-down scenes of all time.

Link to Torrent, Link to mirror of Torrent

Update: This is also on Filecloud — thanks, Marvin!

Update 2:Episode one is available on Google Video — thanks, Tian!)