New Abu Ghraib torture photos from Aus. TV report: torrents

Update: hosting help sought for video files referenced in this post. Contact Mark Pesce (mpesce AT gmail DOT com) to assist.

Mark Pesce says,

On Wednesday 16 February 2006, Australian public broadcaster SBS current affairs program DATELINE telecast a segment featuring 60 new photos of the torture inflicted on prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. These photos were secured by court order - the ACLU figures prominently in the report - but these photos haven't yet been shown in the media anywhere in the United States. Because of the broadcast on SBS, you now have access to both Web-downloadable versions and BitTorrent file-sharing network versions of the broadcast on this site.

THESE PHOTOS ARE VERY DISTURBING. Please do not view this video if you are easily disturbed by graphic imagery of torture and death.

These files are all hosted on a server located in the United States to speed access for US viewers. If you do know how to use BitTorrent, please download the appropriate BitTorrent file and use that.

HIGH torrent: Link, MEDIUM torrent: Link, LOW torrent: Link

High download: Link, Mirror

Medium download: Link, Mirror

Low download: Link, Mirror

Link to more info on the SBS broadcast at Mark's site. Thanks to Quinn at  and Sammy at for hosting help.

Many websites are publishing the photographs as stills. Here is one link, and here is another, both on non-US-hosted websites. (NSFW: contains taxpayer-funded nudity, sexual acts, and explicit violence)

Link to Reuters UK report, and here is a related report and photo series at the UK Guardian.

Reader comment: tian says,

i have uploaded the new Abu Ghraib video to Revver. it is Quicktime format. Link

Reader comment: General Cucumber says,

I've posted a streaming version of SBS segment of Abu Ghraib at my blog. You can view it here, or directly here.