Transport for London steps up attacks on tube-map remixers

Yesterday, I blogged about Transport for London threatening to sue Geoff Marshall for posting funny and useful alternative tube-maps. Now Nic sends this distressing update:

Last night Geoff was a guest on BBC Radio 5 talking about his woes with TfL, you can find an mp3 of this here.

At midnight, Geoff replaced the tube maps page with a series of links to off-site mirrors so his site was no longer hosting any of the material the TfL lawyers found objectionable.

The response of the lawyers to this was to contact his ISP, Claranet, and threaten legal action because Geoff was linking to copyrighted material, as though this was somehow actionable.

Claranet, unbelievably, told Geoff that they would take his site down unless he removed the page of links! As it stands, Geoff's maps page is now gone from his site.

I'd really appreciate BB posting an update on this. My MP has taken case this on board, maybe others' will? Thanks for your efforts so far!

Here's a mirror of the maps.


(Thanks, Nic!)